Emily Beattie and Brian Knoth present an interactive dance and sound performance for the gallery space. Antennae is an intimate process of physically sorting through noise to find a solid signal. We are exploring what it might look like to decipher noise through the body.

The movement from Emily is captured with the Kinect camera and outputted to a visual programming environment for multimedia systems that Knoth has developed and customized. Through triggering sonic events and bending sound the space becomes an instrument that Emily can play. A confrontation of the self image surfaces and sinks in a compilation of interactive sound, recorded sound, and live sound. Imprints in form, movement, and sound guide the performer and viewer through Antennae.

Antennae has been presented at the following places: 

Ammerman Center for the Arts at Connecticut College April 2016
Festival of the Moving Body Stony Brook University 2015
Trident Gallery Live Arts Series, Trident Gallery April 2014
Embodied Processing, Dance Complex, October 2014

Process Images