See | Be Seen Series

See | Be Seen Series began as a project to explore aspects of female embodiment in the proscenium space. I was interested in how expectations of a female figure in society and expectations of a female figure in a traditional stage space compare. My hope was to give depth, traction, and life to the onstage behaviors that female identified characters through a series of processes with other artists. So far I have worked with 16 college-aged dancers, 3 highschool dancers, and 3 professional dancers near my age. Each a time I go back into the piece it offers each a different angle to approach this topic. I think I will keep going.

See | Be Seen has been seen:

The Dance Complex, Duet version II  April 2018
Winsor School, Trio version Feb 2018
The Dance Complex, Duet version IJanuary 2018
Endicott College, Octet version December 2017

Collaborating Artists: Whitney Cover, Allyson Eposito, Irene Hsi, Endicott College Dance Ensemble, Winsor School Dance Company