Shadowline Series

The Shadowline Series is my processing of a family tragedy through my medium, performance. By forcing interactive technologies to coexist in these performance worlds, I explore the creativity of an individual who exists on the fringes.

This series is based on the life of my Uncle David Jenkins who barely subsisted in Alabama but dreamed big through his prized possession, a Ham radio. Using interactive technology, an original score, and dance, shadow illuminates the risks, freedoms, and costs of breaking signal.

Presentation Locations:
Fowler Art Museum, UCLA January 2013
Brown University May 2012
Glorya Kaufman Hall, UCLA March 2012

Collaborating Artists: Composition: Eric Gunther, Performance: Eric Angarano, Robbie Cook, Alison D’Amato, Jojo Flores, Meena Murugesan, and Xiang Xu.