This high-powered slow-mo duet takes on dance as an illicit opportunity for the spectator to infiltrate the body of the performer, and it celebrates our potential as dance-makers to custom fit events to this exact impulse. We see each other; we accept being seen and touched; we take this as far as we can. Think of it as a body rental, a supernatural possession, or a superhero's suit - fleshmitten nestles into the space between us.

Choreography Collaboratively Created by:
Emily Beattie & Alison D'Amato

Performed by: Emily Beattie, Alison D’Amato, and Irene Hsi

Written Reflection by Alison D’Amato in Itch # 14

fleshmitten Performances: 
Catalyst Guest Appearance, Dance Complex 2016
Anatomy Riot June 2011 Los Angeles, CA
Premiere: Pieter Performance Space October 2011 Los Angeles, CA